knowledge Valley International School

Key Stage 4 & 5 ( Upper Secondary Stage Curriculum

KVS is a registered centre for the UK examination boards:
Cambridge International Examinations – CIE
Pearson Edexcel GCSE/ IAL
Oxford International AQA Examinations


In Year 9:

It is known as Pre-IG, teachers prepare students for the examination by following a carefully designed curriculum and methodology. Progression to secondary stage will require passes in 5 CORE subjects (Cambridge International Examinations-CIE): English, Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology at grades C–G. Grade C is the highest grade equivalent to 100% and grade G is the lowest grade equivalent to 50%

In addition to the above 5 subjects, students will study Arabic, Religion and social Studies as required by the Ministry of Education, and French and German as second and third Languages.  

Certificates and result slips for IGCSE/ CORE will be stamped and endorsed as genuine by the British Council in parallel with E’dadeya certificates for the national subjects.


In Year 10:

Students will be assessed for IGCSE extended, Known as O level subjects and they have to follow:


Years 11 & 12:

The students have a wide range of options in A.S and A.L (Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Level) in various subjects.

Grading System:

To calculate your final score:


National Subjects:

** Students must pass national subjects of Arabic, Religion and Civic Education and the students must sit these exams on the times stated by the Ministry of Education. If the student didn’t sit for the exams, he will need to sit for supplementary exams during his university years to be able to receive his university certificate.

Finally … Need help?


We will assist students in making decisions about what subjects to select for the IGCSE/GCE/IAL program in Years 10, 11 and 12. We will help you in find your needs to make the most of your opportunity, to choose the program you will study at KVS next year. If you have any doubts about the process of choosing your options don’t hesitate to contact IGCSE Coordinator. If you are not sure about a particular subject, then you must ask the advice of the specialists who teach it.

Remember to make your choices based on what is right for YOU, not what your friends have selected. Discuss your options carefully with your parents. This is your opportunity to start to shape your future and the first step is to read this booklet carefully.

Throughout their school year students join drama, talent show, international day, trips and charity committee through the Student Council that creates a lively and healthy atmosphere. They also may join any sport through the sports department. Our results were significant as we have highly selected and experienced teachers.

KVS is affiliated with Goethe under the PASCH programme and students study the German for FIT exams. Many of our students awarded 3 week scholarship to Germany, In 2022 we had 2 students:


We also prepare students for the French DELF Exams

KVS is affiliated with Goethe under the PASCH programme and students study the German for FIT exams. Many of our students awarded 3 week scholarship to Germany, In 2022 we had 2 students:

KVS Achievers:


Teachers & staff cannot do it alone, we need the support & cooperation of parents. We, at KVS are happy to welcome some new teachers to KVS’s family in addition to our outstanding existing staff.

Their names and academic areas are as follows:

English as a 2nd language

       Mrs. Aya Amer (IGCSE & CORE)


Eng. Nabil Hesham (CORE)

Eng. Reham Hassan (IGCSE & A Level)


Dr. Mina Abdou (IGCSE & CORE)


Dr. Mostafa Allam (A Level & IGCSE & CORE)


Dr. Maha Ahel (CORE)

Dr. Heidy Nabil (CORE)

Dr. Hesham Gouda (IGCSE & A Level)

ICT & Computer Science

El-Komy Team (IGCSE)

    Eng. Abdelrahman Ghazy – CS

    Eng. Hazem Baher – ICT

Arabic 1st Language

Dr. Mohamed Al-Bohy (IGCSE & A Level)

French as a foreign language

Mme. Heba Aly (IGCSE)

German as a foreign language

Frau. Marwa Naguib (IGCSE)


Mr. Mohamed Rakha (IGCSE)  


Mr. Samy Abdel Nasser (IGCSE)  

IG Office members are as follows:

 Ms. Dina Sallam Madkour (Head of Key Stage 4&5 and IG Coordinator)

Ms. Radwa Mostafa (IG Officer and Coordinator assistant)