knowledge Valley International School

Admission Process for KVS:

Thank you for considering Knowledge Valley school for your child’s education. We are committed to provide an enriching and holistic educational experience for our students. To make the admission process as transparent as possible, we have outlined the steps and requirements below:

1. Application Form Submission:


2. Eligibility Criteria :


3. Required Documents

Prepare the necessary documents, which typically include:


4. Application Fee:

Pay the application fees (non-refundable) as outlined in the admission application form. This fee is required to process your child’s application.

5.Entrance Assessment:

Student is required to take entrance assessments in English and Math to evaluate his/her academic level. The details of these assessments will be provided by the admission officer.


Parent and student Interview is part of the admission process. This provides an opportunity for the school to understand your child better and for you to learn more about our institution.

7.Submission of Academic Records:

Submit your child’s academic records, including transcripts and any standardized test scores if applicable.

8.Teacher Recommendations:

The school may request recommendations from your child’s current or previous teachers to assess their character, behavior, and academic capabilities.

9.Admission Decision:

Once we have reviewed all the application, assessments, and interview, we will notify you of the admission decision. If accepted, you will receive the admission enrollment details and tuition fees.

10.Enrollment and Fees:

After acceptance, complete the enrollment process, including submitting additional forms, paying the enrollment fee, and settling tuition payments.


We conduct orientation programs for new students and their families to acquaint them with our school’s policies, procedures, and culture.

Please note that the exact process and requirements may change from one academic year to another, so we recommend checking the school’s website for the most up-to-date information on admission procedures, deadlines, and eligibility criteria.

We are excited to welcome your child to [Knowledge Valley School] and look forward to providing them with a high-quality education and a nurturing environment for personal and academic growth.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact our admissions team at 01277771119 or via e-mail: