knowledge Valley International School

“To develop a community of lifelong learners prepared to face and conquer the dynamic global changes leaving a strong impact on the world”
In knowledge valley school, we ensure students are provided an inquiry-based, stimulating learning environment to develop academic, social, and emotional capacity through hands-on, performance-based experiences with an emphasis on global-mindedness, solid identity, and authentic values. students will be greeted with warmth and care every day. We want them to feel safe and comfortable, knowing that they are in a place where they are valued and respected. Our teachers and staff will be like family, guiding and encouraging students to reach their full potential. We will create opportunities for meaningful connections and friendships, fostering a strong sense of community and support. We work hard to ensure all children to provide students with the opportunity to develop competence and confidence in e-learning and engender a love of learning as a lifelong process and an appreciation of its relevance in everyday life. Furthermore, KVS celebrates individuality and teamwork helping each student to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and independence thriving personally and academically.



“To lead academic and vocational education in Egypt”
Our vision is to create a nurturing and inclusive environment where every student is inspired to reach their full potential. Not only do we aim at providing a caring, happy, stimulating and inspiring environment in which all students feel safe and secure, but we also push ourselves to establish a rigorous and rounded education that is relevant to the demands of modern life. We continue to put the students at the heart of everything we do to prepare our passionate and diverse learners for success academically, artistically and technologically in an ever-changing global society. We educate, empower and support the pupils in our school to reach their full potential, by focusing on their holistic development and embrace the opportunities of living according to our morale in Egypt.
By delivering excellence through interactive learning and qualified staff, we continue to work towards our vision to be a leader in vocational and academic education.