knowledge Valley International School







Mr. Mohamed Farghaly


At our educational institute, our primary mission is to invest in the future generations, recognizing this endeavor as our most challenging yet pivotal pursuit. We are dedicated to molding the lives and destinies of our students, with the ultimate aim of ensuring their prosperous futures. We firmly believe that nurturing our youth is the cornerstone of a nation’s revival and renaissance.

KVS is unwavering in its commitment to fostering a secure, nurturing, and innovative learning environment. Our foremost objective is to guarantee that every child who crosses our threshold not only receives a world-class education but also undergoes profound personal development, cultivates strong character, and fosters a deep sense of community.

As we stand now, we take immense pride in witnessing KVS graduates emerge as exemplars of excellence in all facets of life.




Dr. Heba Elshaer


KVS has always been more than just a place of learning; it’s a place where young minds are nurtured, where dreams are fostered, and where futures are shaped. It is a place where we, as parents and educators, work hand in hand to provide our children with the best possible education and prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

I ,also , have to express the profound sense of privilege and nostalgia that comes with returning to KVS in this new capacity. This school holds a special place in my heart, as my three children, like many of yours, graduated from here. Their journey through KVS, which was marked by academic excellence, personal growth, and a deep sense of community, has inspired me to contribute to the school’s vision that I wholeheartedly believe in.

Let us embark on this new academic year with enthusiasm, determination, and a shared commitment to the success and well-being of our students

Ms. Elham Mahmoud


Dear Parents, 

Welcome to our school community. Together, we will make our school a better place for all students and community members.

Transitions are never easy in school, college or university. Naturally, we have a bit of anxiety about who will be stepping in to lead our school. We have taught our students, and have put their energy into making the school culture and building up their characters, skills, and education. 

I want to extend to you and your family my token of love and warmth as we embark on a new journey. As a parent, I understand that these years are a super exciting time of the year when children embark on new channels of life and explore themselves, their talents, and their true selves. 

This school has always lived up to the expectations of the students and parents, and I assure you it will continue to do so. 

It is an honour for me to join KVS school, which is known for its welcoming environment. We are a family. We need to own this place. We need to work as a team. Either it is us or it is no one. It is all for one and one for all. 

We have a strong focus on academic excellence, and we strive to create a safe and inspiring learning environment for all students. Also we recognize the importance of extracurricular activities and encourage our students to take part in a variety of activities in and outside the classroom. 

We believe that every student is capable of reaching his potential, and we will do our best to support and motivate all of them to be able to live happily, independently, and wellprepared for the outside world. 

Communication is the key to every successful relationship. Please contact our school via our channels of communication and feel free to come up with new ideas and innovative techniques that will facilitate our children’s lives. 

We have to do everything as a family. We want a secure future for OUR kids. OUR kids are OUR priority. We will make the impossible possible. We will see the unseen together. 

We look forward to the upcoming school year, and we are confident that it will be a fruitful one. We will keep our promise to devote our spirits in providing a healthy learning environment in parallel with the British academic standards


Elham Mahmoud