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student life

Knowledge Valley School

Our school day is always inspiring and ensures that our students look forward to coming to school every day. At times the school life is serious and focused, at other times, exciting and fun.

In KVS the school day begins with morning assembly at 7.50 am, during which the students start with aerobics, then they salute the flag and sing the national anthem.

At 8.00 am registration is taken and all students have their breakfast with their teachers.

All students enjoy a mid morning break.

Junior students receive another short break in the afternoon.

During the day students are challenged both academically and creatively.

A wide range of clubs aim to introduce the student to potential hobbies, develop particular sports, and inspire an interest in areas that remove the focus from the individual to the team.

Trips are an essential part of students experience at KVS, the school carefully develop a programme of field trips that blend educational objectives, adventure and fun.