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Middle School Curriculum

At KVS, we follow the National Curriculum for England. Cambridge International Upper Primary Curriculum (IPC) KS2 which comprises years 5,6 and Cambridge Lower Secondary (KS3) which comprises years 7,8.
Our programme is comprehensive, exciting, thematic and cross curricular process of education where the English language is taught as First Language.
Arabic, Religion and Social Studies are taught following the Egyptian Ministry of Education’s curriculum.
Our curriculum provides the structure for learners to participate in a wide range of activities and trips; educating them in a well-rounded manner that encourages the children to develop lifelong knowledge, skills and understanding.

Cambridge Checkpoint
KVS students undergo Cambridge Primary Checkpoint tests in year 6, the end of the primary programme, and in year 8. The tests are in English as a first language, Maths, Science. The tests are marked in Cambridge to provide an international benchmark of learner performance. Learners receive a statement of achievement and a diagnostic feedback report. Feedback reports show how a learner has performed in relation to the curriculum, their learning group, the whole school, and against all learners who have taken tests in that series around the world.