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We also learn from fun activities

The school chose to use the International Curriculum which promotes an enquiry-based approach to learning to develop thinking skills and encourage intellectual engagement. The Cambridge Primary English curriculum framework provides a solid foundation on which the later stages of education can be built.

House System

The House System aims to ensure that students work together not just in their own year groups but across the years. This is encouraged through a broad spectrum of inter-house events from sports (basketball, football and marathon) through drama and music to more academic endeavours such as debating and subject specific quizzes. Under the House System points are awarded for both participating and to encourage the widest possible levels of involvement while ensuring that high standards of performance are maintained.


The school has a well-developed sports program. We have a basketball court and a football court and facilities for many other sports. At present the school offers the following sporting activities: aerobics, basketball, football and ballet, other sports may well be added as the school grows and develops.

All our students have timetabled PE lessons taught by specialist teachers. These concentrate on teaching skills for specific sports, fitness and the more scientific aspects of sports coaching and nutrition, this aims to make sports fun but also educational.


The school takes great pride in this area. Professional musicians are responsible to teach each interested student an instrument according to the childs choice. Music rooms with appropriate instruments are available. Students have a range of options ranging from Guitar, Piano, Recorder and Flute. A school Choir has been practising and we are waiting for its performance in the near future.


Our aim is to develop the students own individual artistic perspective rather than simply copying the work of other artists. The school is aiming to have an annual Art Exhibition.


Every student from year 1 to year 7 studies drama. The students perform pieces produced by them. Our Poetry Festival was a success and the work of children was highly appreciated by the audience. You are all invited for our musical performance for this year Oliver.

Character Building Classes

Children are taught ethics and how to apply them. Specialists are responsible to work with children, parents and staff to improve the behaviour and attitude of the children towards their community.

Student Council

Our Student Council is a group of students who will come up with ideas to make our school better. Each member of the Student Council gets the opportunity to actively participate in school wide activities, make decisions, and see democracy in action.

The aims of our Student Council are: To make students more responsible for their community, share ideas, interests, and concerns with their teachers and parents, raise funds for school community services, assist the community when they are in need of aid and to gain experiences and learn new skills which will add to their formal education. Knowledge Valley School is not only trying to build an educative atmosphere but also a mental and emotional one.